Health Information Management Job Description: What Is a Health Information Manager?

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Health Information Management Job Description

Health information management is a rapidly growing field with many career advancement opportunities.

Those interested in becoming a health information manager, or working in health information management, need to know the following basic information:

  • Health Information Management Job Description
  • Health Information Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Health Information Management Duties

This page will cover these topics so that you’ll understand the health information manager job description, duties, and roles and responsibilities.

Then you can decide if a health information management career suits you.

Health Information Management Job Description

Health Information Management jobs earn an annual median salary of $99,730 require an associates or bachelors degree.

Health Information Managers work in hospitals, family practice medical offices, physicians’ clinics, home health care companies, nursing homes, public health agencies and for insurance companies.

You will manage data and databases as well as design, create and assess reports. A big part of your job will be keeping this data secure. Your role is a very crucial contribution to the group’s success in delivering high quality patient care.

Health Information Management Roles and Responsibilities

Developing Data Systems: Build and manage health information systems while ensuring they adhere to legal, medical, and ethical requirements and standards.

Analyzing and Reporting Data: Health information managers are experts on modeling and analyzing patient data that all of the other health care professionals rely on to succeed and improve in their jobs.

Securing Patient and Clinical Data: HIM professionals are responsible for maintaining data security for all medical records.

Health Information Management Duties

You may work in a variety of settings and depending on your specific position your responsibilities and duties will vary.

Some common Health Information Management Duties are:

  • Gathering and examining patient records
  • Guaranteeing the accuracy of patient data
  • Securing the privacy of patient data
  • Creating, administering and maintaining databases
  • Producing and assessing research and reports

Career Advancement

When you start your career you’ll need to earn the title of Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT). This means you’ll need to complete your associates degree and pass a credentialing exam.

You can also opt to pursue a bachelor’s degree and go for the credential of Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA). This comes from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

It is also worth noting that you can obtain your master’s to meet the requirements for the RHIA certification exam but master’s programs will take a bit longer incorporating additional management education and training.

Projections going forward show large increases in job growth for the entire public health sector especially in health care agencies. With a variety of specialization and different work setting opportunities in public health you can find a career in health information management that suits you and your strengths and goals.

If you are organized, pay attention to detail and have a knack for working with data then you may want to consider a career in health information management. Click the blue button that says “Find Schools” to search for health information management programs.

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