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Online Medical Billing & Coding Courses

Are you planning to take a medical billing and coding course to further your career? An online course may be the right path for you if you have difficulty finding time to attend a local course.

Benefits of Online Medical Billing & Coding Courses

Online courses cover the same learning material as the regular classroom courses offered on campuses. The curriculum offered in online medical billing & coding courses is the same.

The following advantages may convince you that taking medical billing & coding courses online is a better option:

  • Wider choices of learning institutions. Geographical distance to campuses restricts your choices to those which are nearby and accessible. Another consequent benefit is the travel time you will save in going to and from the campus.
  • More interactions with peers and instructors. Online students engage in meaningful exchanges of communication with peers and instructors through bulletin boards on the web. Live chat sessions may be scheduled at certain times after the distribution of learning materials.
  • Attend classes at a convenient time. You can have the convenience of selecting timetables and deadlines.
  • Study wherever you are. You may attend your online classes even while you are traveling or from the comfort of your living room.

Typical Learning Activities in Medical Billing & Coding Online Courses

Learning sessions in an online medical billing & coding courses may consist of the following activities:

  • Reading, Listening to or Viewing Lectures. The study materials will be provided online. Students may download them from the school’s website or receive them via e-mail. Reading materials may be plain pdf files or audiobooks. Lectures may take the form of sound recordings or videos.
  • Class Discussions. With the convenience of time and place, you can easily participate in the learning activities through message boards, chat messages, or webinars.
  • Assignments and Examinations. You may be required to submit written assignments via email to your instructors. These usually have deadlines. The tests and exams are usually taken through the school’s website. More critical examinations may be taken through assigned proctors in a nearby testing center.

Online Medical Billing & Coding Course Curriculum

Medical Billing and Medical Coding are subsets of medical administrative skills. These two are lumped together in one curriculum.

An online medical billing and coding course curriculum usually contains the following courses:

  • Medical Terminology
  • International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Office Technology and Administration
  • Insurance Law/Insurance Claim Procedures
  • Coding Workshops

Online Medical Billing & Coding Certification

Students who complete medical billing & coding online courses may become Medical Records and Health Information Technicians after finishing the program and passing the CPC (Certified Public Coder) exam.

After you successfully finish the program, you would be eligible to take and also have the required knowledge and skills to pass the CPC Exam.

When you complete Medical Billing & Coding Courses and begin working as Medical Records and Health Information Technicians you can earn an annual median pay of $40,350 according to BLS salary data.

Moreover, the occupation has an above-average job outlook of 11% for a ten-year projection period up to 2028.


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