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Online Medical Billing & Coding Courses

Are you planning to take a medical billing and coding course to further your career? An online course may be the right path for you if you have difficulty finding time to attend a local course.

Benefits of Online Medical Billing and Coding Courses

Online courses cover the same learning material as the regular classroom courses offered on campuses. The curriculum offered in online medical billing & coding courses is the same.

The following advantages may convince you that taking medical billing & coding courses online is a better option:

  • Wider choices of learning institutions. Geographical distance to campuses restricts your choices to those which are nearby and accessible. Another consequent benefit is the travel time you will save in going to and from the campus.
  • More interactions with peers and instructors. Online students engage in meaningful exchanges of communication with peers and instructors through bulletin boards on the web. Live chat sessions may be scheduled at certain times after the distribution of learning materials.
  • Attend classes at a convenient time. You can have the convenience of selecting timetables and deadlines.
  • Study wherever you are. You may attend your online classes even while you are traveling or from the comfort of your living room.

Learning Activities in Online Medical Billing & Coding Courses

Learning sessions in an online medical billing & coding courses may consist of the following activities:

  • Reading, Listening to or Viewing Lectures. The study materials will be provided online. Students may download them from the school’s website or receive them via e-mail. Reading materials may be plain pdf files or audiobooks. Lectures may take the form of sound recordings or videos.
  • Class Discussions. With the convenience of time and place, you can easily participate in the learning activities through message boards, chat messages, or webinars.
  • Assignments and Examinations. You may be required to submit written assignments via email to your instructors. These usually have deadlines. The tests and exams are usually taken through the school’s website. More critical examinations may be taken through assigned proctors in a nearby testing center.

Online Medical Billing & Coding Course Curriculum

Medical Billing and Medical Coding are subsets of medical administrative skills. These two are lumped together in one curriculum.

An online medical billing and coding course curriculum usually contain the following courses:

  • Medical Terminology
  • International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Office Technology and Administration
  • Insurance Law/Insurance Claim Procedures
  • Coding Workshops

In online medical billing and coding courses, you will learn everything you need to know to fulfill your job as a medical coder working in a medical office on health insurance claims and medical coding and documentation processes. You will become a billing specialist after you complete your coding class. It should also be noted that a common medical billing course includes clinical experience.

Online Medical Billing & Coding Certification

Students who complete medical billing & coding online courses may become Medical Records and Health Information Technicians after finishing the program and passing the CPC (Certified Public Coder) exam. The CPC exam is an advanced-level coding certification that requires candidates to pass two exams, one on medical coding and the other on medical terminology.

After you successfully finish the online program, you would be eligible to take and also have the required knowledge and skills to pass the CPC Exam.

In addition to the CPC offered by the AAPC, the National Healthcare Association (NHA) is a trade association that strives to elevate the profession of healthcare billers by providing members with professional development and networking opportunities. The NHA CBCS for Certified Medical Billing Specialists is another certification which is offered as part of the National Healthcare Association’s continuing education program. The NHA CBCS for Certified Medical Billing Specialists recognizes the knowledge and skills necessary for professionals to enter the medical billing field.

When you complete Medical Billing & Coding Courses and begin working as Medical Records and Health Information Technician, also called a certified medical billing specialists, you can earn an annual median pay of $40,350 according to BLS salary data. Medical billers are also in high demand so there are many job opportunities. 

The health information management field is growing rapidly and a medical billing occupation has an above-average job growth outlook of 11% for a ten-year projection period up to 2028.

Modern healthcare relies on data and health information technology is the use of modern information and communication technologies to store, retrieve, transfer and process health care data. So, a medical billing specialist will be in high demand for many years to come.

Are Online Medical Billing and Coding Courses Worth It?

Are online medical billing and coding courses worth it? The rest of this article will dive into many frequently asked questions about online medical billing and coding courses like,

  • “Can I learn medical billing online?”
  • How long does it take to become a medical coder online?
  • “How much experience do I need?”
  • “Are online classes in medical billing and coding legitimate?”
  • … and more about becoming a coding professional online

Can I become a medical coder online?

If you’d like to work in the health care industry, you might wonder how to become a medical coder. Fortunately, there are online training programs to help you become a medical coder. For example, a program through the University of Indianapolis’ School of Information and Computing offers an asynchronous online medical coding certification program. It requires about 28 credits to complete and includes three courses. During the training program, you’ll learn how to code and organize medical records. You will also learn the skills and knowledge required to perform basic billing duties.

When choosing an online medical coding training program, make sure you consider the time commitment and cost of the course. Online programs are more flexible and sort of a one-size-fits-all program. Choosing the right one will depend on factors like length, delivery method, cost, licensing, certification, and other factors. Online training programs are ideal for working professionals looking to earn their certification in a specific field. Becoming a professional coder in an online coding program is often the best route so you can continue working while you study.

Can you self-study for medical billing and coding?

You can self study but you will still need to complete certain eligibility requirements and certification exams to become a certified professional coder.

A high school diploma is required for this career path. There are also background checks to pass, such as drug or sex convictions. It is an important administrative process in healthcare and is growing faster than ever.

To prepare for the exams, self-study materials are available online. You can create a study guide, use flashcards, and obtain medical documents for practice. You can also study medical terminology and physiology to understand the correct numeric codes. Online resources provide supplemental materials that can help you learn the ins and outs of coding. You can even practice with real documents to perfect your skills.

Can you take online classes for medical billing?

Medical billing and coding classes vary in cost depending on the type of training you need. If you want a faster turnaround time and lower tuition costs, consider a technical school, where you’ll have your certification in less than one year. Prices vary greatly, and some schools charge by credit hour. Others charge by the course, while others offer payment plans based on your local residency.

Rasmussen University was founded in 1900 and has 23 campuses. Besides providing on-campus training, Rasmussen also offers certificate programs and online degrees. Their medical billing and coding certificate can be completed in nine months for full-time students. The course uses virtual labs to keep learners engaged. Students are also required to complete a certification exam to show that they have learned the necessary skills.

The BLS estimates that more than 2.6 million new jobs will be created in the healthcare field by 2020. This includes nearly 37,000 new positions for health information specialists and medical records specialists. The median annual salary of these positions was $45,000 in May of 2020. Some students may want to specialize in a specific area, such as dentistry or oncology. You can even earn a higher salary by pursuing certification in one of these areas.

Are online medical billing schools legitimate?

If you’re interested in a career in medical billing but are unsure about whether or not online programs are right for you, there are some things you should look for in an online medical coding school. One of the most important aspects of an online school is accreditation. Almost all accredited programs have accreditation from the American Medical Association, the Joint Commission, and other organizations that monitor education. If you’re unsure, you should ask the school for more information.

Herzing University is a career-oriented institution of higher learning that offers a ligitimate online medical billing program. Founded in 1965, this Milwaukee-based institution has campuses throughout eight states. Herzing University also has an online division. With over 60 locations, Herzing University offers both traditional and online programs. To help students get started, the online division offers a flexible schedule. This flexible schedule allows students with prior responsibilities to work on their education without feeling overwhelmed by schoolwork.

As you can see, there are many legitimate online medical billing and coding programs for you to consider. Just make sure to check on each program’s accreditation status, program length, curriculum, clinical experience, and costs to see if the program fits your needs.

How long to become a medical coder online?

Community colleges offer programs for prospective medical coders. For full-time students, these programs are typically wrapped up in two semesters and require 11 to 19 credits. While community colleges offer inexpensive tuition, course materials may add up to more than the total price of the program. Distance learners may prefer online medical coding courses as they offer more flexibility and lower tuition. During 10 months, distance learners can earn their certificate for a reasonable cost.

Some programs are shorter than others. Certificate programs are usually just nine months long, while associate degrees take about two years to complete. Certificate programs are often less demanding and require fewer credits than associate degree programs, but will prepare you for an associate degree program in a shorter amount of time. Associate degrees are usually quicker than bachelor’s programs, but if you have previous college work and have the time, you may want to pursue one of those.

There are several online programs for medical coding and billing. Some are shorter than others, but the course duration will depend on the school and type of learning you want. Some online programs take 40-60 hours. While they may take less time to complete, the courses will include foundational knowledge of anatomy and pharmacology, medical billing, and data processing. During this time, you’ll also study to pass the Certified Medical Coder (CMC) Exam.

What are online medical billing programs?

If you’ve always wanted to learn about medical billing, but didn’t have the time to attend a traditional school, you can now go online to get the training you need. Whether you want to become a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) or an entry-level medical biller, there are numerous programs available to suit your needs. Some of these programs offer certificates that can help you enter the field right away, while others provide a stepping stone to an associate degree program.

What are the costs of online medical billing programs? These courses vary depending on the school and your location. For example, a technical school can prepare you to become a certified medical biller or coder in under a year, which makes the tuition cheaper. Each school will charge differently for their courses and some may charge per credit hour, while others offer flat fees for the entire program. You should also consider your residency. If you live in a city where the medical billing and coding schools are concentrated, you may pay less for a program that serves a large number of people.

Enter your zip code on this page to compare local and online medical billing and coding programs.

How do I become a medical coder with no experience

You can become a medical coder without experience, but it’s important to know that coding jobs typically require at least two to three years of experience. While you shouldn’t apply for jobs requiring at least two to three years of experience, you can still put your resume on your profile and check out various certifications. While you should never apply for jobs that require at least two to three years of experience, there are some employers who are willing to take a chance on a new coder.

There are several ways to get training in coding, including online and classroom programs. You can choose between two main options: accredited online courses or traditional classes in your area. For the most part, you can learn the basics of medical terminology, such as CPT and ICD-10 codes, and develop interview skills, which can be very helpful in the real world.

Online medical billing courses clinical experience

Students in an online medical billing and coding course will typically have two clinical experiences after their first year. These experiences can be at a hospital, physician’s office, or billing and coding management company. They are a great way for students to gain real-world experience while also developing their skills. Clinical experience will usually require a drug test or background check. Students will be responsible for arranging their transportation and lodging, but this can be avoided by following a few simple steps.

Clinical coding is a vital administrative process, which translates diagnoses into coded forms. Until recently, physicians and other clinicians had to manually enter patient data into a computer, often referencing manuals or reference books. Human error, however, often resulted in unforced errors. Incorrect coding can lead to overworked staff, decreased hospital funding, and loss of epidemic control. During your medical billing clinical experience you will get to see these issues first hand as you perform real work as a medical biller.

The curriculum for online courses in medical billing and coding is designed to give students a comprehensive education in medical terminology and coding that includes clinical experience. The curriculum for CPB and CPC courses follows the AAPC curriculum. Students who have a background in the healthcare field should enroll in a course that is aligned with their current interests and career goals. Those with no clinical experience are also encouraged to enroll in a course with an asynchronous format.

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