Medical Lab Technician Job Description: What Is a Medical Lab Technician?

See a medical lab technician job description and understand what a medical lab technician is and does as well as career advancement opportunities.
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Medical Technician Career Facts

What Is a Medical Lab Technician?

If you’re thinking about various career paths and asking yourself, “What is a medical lab technician?”, this article will have the answers for you.

The Medical Lab Technician job description calls for working directly under the supervision of a physician for the purpose of diagnosing and treating various diseases. You’ll also help with sample analysis, testing for drug levels in blood, monitoring of tests and procedures, fluid analysis, and preparations for blood transfusions.

The work environment for a Medical Lab Technician is generally in a medical facility, such as a hospital, health organization, clinic, or possibly even the research and development department of a pharmaceutical company.

In order to pursue a Medical Lab Technician career, you’ll have to earn a 2-year degree from an accredited college, so that you can be accepted by one of the medical organizations referenced above.Ā 

On the Job as a Medical Lab Technician

Once you’ve earned the requisite Associate Degree for becoming a Medical Lab Technician, you’ll be qualified to operate some sophisticated medical equipment which will be used to analyze body fluids, so as to determine normalcy.

You’ll conduct many of the same tests and procedures as a Medical Lab Technologist, with technologists performing the more complex versions of these processes.

As a technician, you’ll probably wear safety gloves and eyewear, so as to protect yourself from reagents and solutions common to testing, as well as to prevent the potential spreading of infection.

Career Advancement

The obvious path upward from the position of Medical Lab Technician is that of Medical Lab Technologist.

This career advancement will allow you to specialize in one of several areas, such as microbiology, immunology, or blood bank technology.

Some states do require that Medical Lab Technicians and Technologists be licensed, although certifications are not generally required. However, certification can make your employment potential more favorable to prospective employers.

When you do need to obtain a certificate in order to advance to the next level, you can get certified through either the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), or the American Medical Technologists (AMT).

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